This one's a beauty!

And I'm talking about Milani 3D Holographic in Hi-Res. It's a pretty lavender with shimmery flecks and scattered holo particles. 

Gorgeous isn't it? And that's taken without flash in low lighting.

Another blurry shot. Look at all that goodness. You can even see some holo there! 

Now time to release the bling...flash shots! 

Hi-Res is one of those polishes that you HAVE to see for yourself in order to really appreciate its beauty. Some scattered holos sometimes look boring unless the light hits it just right. This polish on the other hand looks gorgeous under ANY light. I scoured Sears for this and picked up two other beauties in the process, Hi-Tech and Digital. I'm excited to wear the other two!

It's spring!!! Break out the pastels!

Wow, two posts in a row!??! *gasp* Yes yes, 'tis true! I have 2 days off in a row so I'm gonna make the most of it!
So I mentioned before about my mom buying me a China Glaze Pastel Kit from Winners. Here it is!

From top to bottom, left to right: 
Something Sweet - pastel pink
Light as Air - pastel lavender
Re-Fresh Mint - pastel green
Peachy Keen - pastel peach
Lemon Fizz - pastel yellow
Bahamian Escape - pastel blue

All of them except for Bahamian Escape are from the Up & Away Pastels from the Spring 2010 collection. Bahamian Escape is from the Bahama Blues Collection from Winter 2008.

I've only tried Peachy Keen so far and application is ok. It's a pastel so I didn't have high hopes lol. I'm excited to try all the other ones!

Coming back with a bang!

Hello everyone!! Here I am again...I've got a day off so time to update and show this blog some lovin'!!  

Here's my current mani, Nubar Reclaim and Nfu Oh 66! The first 3 pictures are taken in full sun. 2 coats of Nubar Reclaim is on my thumb, index, middle and pinky. 2 coats of Nfu Oh 66 on my ring finger. I used the Nfu Oh Aqua base coat.

Picture taken in the shade. You can still somewhat see the holo in the Nfu Oh 66.

I super love this mani! Nubar Reclaim as always applies like a DREAM! Doesn't matter what base coat you use. As for the Nfu Oh 66, I used the Aqua Base Coat so I literally only needed 2 coats. I never tried the Nfu Oh holos without the Aqua base coat so I don't know how it is personally with just a normal base coat. Apparently, it causes a lot of dragging and bald spots.

Remember me? and a lot of talking.

Hello everyone! I want to apologize for being so MIA. Life is just bombarding me right now and I've sorely neglected this blog and taking pictures of my manis. =(

A lot of things have happened though since I last updated. I FINALLY FOUND BLACK SHATTER!!! I know I know I'm so late in jumping on the bandwagon. I found it in Winners, for $7.99 CAD! I also found a China Glaze pastels mini set which contained Light As Air, Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, Something Sweet, Re-Fresh Mint and Bahamian Escape. My mommy was so nice as to get me the Shatter and the pastel set so still have not broken the no-buy rule!! =)

I think I mentioned before that I ordered Nfu Oh 62 and 66 plus the Aqua Base. I finally got them yesterday!!!!! I literally ripped that box apart LOL. I'm now rocking 62 and daaaaaaaaaaaaang it does not disappoint! Pictures to come soon, the sun hates us right now and doesn't wanna show its face. 

I also wanted to say welcome to my new followers! I'm sorry that there hasn't been much from me these past couple of weeks.

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to Mary from Swatch and Learn for sending me an unexpected e-mail asking me if I was ok because I haven't updated or commented in so long. That really made my day Mary, thank you for doing that. I miss you and Fiona, I promise that I will get back into the swing of things soon.

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