Je suis désolé Part 2

Just a word of caution, this post is even more pic heavy than the last one!!

This is the 7th Konadicure I had done on Christmas Day while watching The Big Bang Theory Christmas Marathon!! :)

I started off with China Glaze in Coconut Kiss. Such a beautiful purple but as purples go, they NEVER photograph well!! I took pictures of the swatches with my Blackberry cam and my digi cam.

Taken with my Blackberry cam with flash.

 Taken with my digi cam, no flash, natural light.

As you can see with my digi cam it looks more blue than it really is in real life! The image from my Blackberry cam captured it the closest.

So of course I had to Konadicure it up using Color Club in Worth the Risque and image plate m63. Worth the Risque is another Stamp Champ!

Without flash.

With flash.

This Christmas season has been really good to me in terms of hauls so I just took some pics to show you guys what I got from my friends!

These are all the Christmas gifts I got this year pertaining to nails. :) They are described below.

Swiss Collection by OPI which has:
Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous 
Yodel Me on My Cell
Color So Hot it Berns
RapiDry Top Coat.

Burlesque Little Teasers by OPI which has:
Rising Star
Take the Stage
The Show Must Go On!
Ali's Big Break

One of my nurse friends has given me a Deluxe Nail Salon with 7 polishes and a hand dryer! The person who was solely responsible for bringing me into the world of Konad had gifted me with OPI My Private Jet to my utter delight!! My loving boyfriend had, along with other gifts, given me a shopping spree at Sally's! I got 3 China Glazes: Coconut Kiss, Avalanche and Reggae to Riches, and a curling iron! Finally, I had also gotten 5 Konad image plates from 2 other friends.

My Puppy has also been kind enough to pick up these marvelous items for me at her recent Buffalo trip.

From left to right:  OPI Designer Series in Extravagance (which I am so excited to use!), Seche Restore (which I sorely needed) and Color Club in Electronica (a dupe for the OPI Ink I gave her).

I will also be receiving an Etude House Dear Darling Bling Bling nail polish sometime in the next 2 weeks thanks again to my Puppy! It's a gorgeous pink! I'm super excited!

This should learn me to update my blog more often! Sorry for the overload!!

'Til the  next Konadicure!

Je suis désolé Part 1

I'm sorry to the handful of people who read and follow my blog. I have been very neglectful and have not updated you all!! Since I've got so much to share, I've had to divide this into 2 parts!

I have 7 Konadicures to show you! 5 of the 7 belong to my friends who have wanted me to do a make-over on their nails. 6 of us nurses from work got together and had a sleepover and of course I brought my kit with me! I did 5 Konadicures in one night!! 

Here is a picture of the finished product! Ignore my poor nails on the right.

I was exhausted but happy that the girls liked their manis. :)

Now because of own Konadicure took a beating and did not last until Christmas day.  So I was inspired to do another Christmas mani!

I used China Glaze in Long Kiss as my base. Here is a swatch of it with flash. Such a gorgeous polish and the application is dreamy!

I had done a Christmas gift wrap inspired Konadicure using Color Club in Rule Breaker, Sally Hansen in Gilt-y Pleasure and Sally Hansen in Celeb City for the stamping on my index, middle and ring finger. All 3 are Stamp Champs!! That's what I call nail polishes that stamp very well, no re-doing the stamp because pieces of it didn't stick properly etc. :)

The bows on my thumb and ring finger were stamped with Color Club in Worth the Risque which was supposed to be holo but I really didn't see it. :( 

Sorry for the tip wear and such...this picture was taken right before I removed it.

Part Deux up next!

'Tis the season

I've been thinking and thinking and thinking of what I could possibly do to make my nails feel like Christmas. Red and and green...BUT HOW?? Then it hit me!

I started off with Color Club in Rule Breaker. Very good for stamping tips! I used image plate m19 for the tips. Then I added flowers which I was hoping would pass for poinsettias! I used Maybelline Salon Expert in Cherry Sin and image plate m57.

Here's the finished product!! 

I tried to be artsy fartsy and take pictures with the poinsettia as the background. 

Now the only problem is keeping this until Christmas which is 9 days away. =| As you guys know I've never kept a Konadicure longer than 5-6 days, lately it's been a max of 4 days. This will be a feat for me...and my friends have already no faith in me. But I will try to prove them wrong! 

'Til the next Konadicure!


Thanks to Chel I can finally organize my messy nail polish kit!

My two kits!! The one on the left is from Chel and I bought the Caboodle kit on the right months ago.
In the kit on the left, I've divided my supplies in the different bags. The plain pink bag has all my base coats, top coats, stripers, etc. The small black and white bag has my Konad supplies. 

Here are my nail polishes!! =) I've got 3 more coming my way so I'm gonna have to take some out when I get them!

I'm off for the next two days so tomorrow I'm gonna do a new Konadicure. Thinking of using Color Club in Rule Breaker as a base. Not sure yet what design and which polish I should use for stamping. I guess we'll see tomorrow!

Puppy and Kitty gift exchange!

YAY! Our long-awaited gift swap has finally passed and we took lots of pictures to commemorate! (Warning: another pic heavy post!)

My Color Club Holo glitters in the forefront with my OBI nail polish remover and kit in the background.

My haul!! My kit, OBI nail polish remover, 3 Color Club holo glitters, Sula nail polish trio in Teal,Royal and Moss and glass nail files.

Puppy's haul! Seche Recondition and Dry Fast Top Coat, LA Colors Art Deco stripers in silver and bronzey gold glitter, Color Club Wild at Heart kit, Konad image plates s6, m64 and m65, OPI You Don't Know Jacques and Ink.

Kitty and Puppy!!

Christmas tree and the ornaments!

Fun times! Thank you so much Puppy for my gifts!! I love them all and I can't wait for my CG Wireless and my CC Revvvolution and Worth the Risque!

A Long Kiss to Spark my Mistletoe

New Konadicure!! So much for my Lubu mani lasting me a week. LOL! It was feeling too dark and I'm in such a happy Christmas mood, I had to change it!

Warning: This post is picture heavy!!

We had a Christmas party at my house last night and my Kris Kringle got me Nicole Tinsel Tips set and the Glee Christmas album!!! (She knows me soooo well!)

Look how tiny they are compared to my Color Clubs! They're so cute!!

So here's my new Konadicure I dub "A Long Kiss to Spark my Mistletoe".
I used China Glaze in Long Kiss for the tips and base colour for my accent nail. Can I just say how much I LOVE this polish? Application is wonderful and opaque in one coat! 

For the glitterati, I used Nicole by OPI in Spark My Mistletoe. Gorgeous glitter! Perfect for the holidays!

The image was from plate m63 and stamped with Wet n Wild in Black Creme. I also used m19 for the tips.

This was taken in soft light, no flash.

Blingtastic!!! It flashes green, blue, and red with micro and hexagonal glitters.

This was taken with flash.

Pardon the not-so-perfect application of the tips. I was kind of in a hurry because I still have to get ready for tonight! But of course I had to post the pics before I left!

I'm going to enjoy sporting this at tonight's company Christmas party and tomorrow when I meet up with my Puppy to exchange our gifts and watch CON: Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

'Til the next Konadicure!

Lubu Mani with a holiday twist

So I totally lied and ended up doing my nails today. Just couldn't wait I guess!! 

Here is the mani I came up with for the weekend of Christmas parties! Friday, there's a party at my house with close family friends. On Saturday is my work Christmas party. We're going to see the National Ballet of Canada perform "The Nutcracker" on opening night and riding the party bus all the way to downtown Toronto! Sunday, I'm meeting up with my Puppy for our gift exchange and hopefully to watch CON: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Monday, is a triple date with sushi dinner!

First some swatches! (Which I've never really done before Konading so this is my first time! Yay me!) And as always my base coat is Orly Bonder and top coat is Seche Vite.

Here's a swatch of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet. Apparently, it's a dupe of China Glaze Ruby Pumps so I'm pumped! (Pun fully intended...sorry)

This is with one coat and taken in natural light.

I painted over Red Carpet with China Glaze in Lubu Heels. LOVE this polish!

This was a two coater, taken in natural light.

Close up of bombastic glitter!!! 

So I added the same image I used from my last Konadicure from image plate m64. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City for stamping. For the dots, I used the striper brush from LA Colors Art Deco in silver glitter and SH Red Carpet. I don't have fancy shmancy I had to improvise. :(

This was taken with flash in indoor light.

This was taken without flash in indoor light.

I'm hoping to have this last me a week, which is the longest time I will have a Konadicure on!

'Til the next Konadicure!

Forgetfulness and MAJOR HAUL!

Ok so remember the Konadicure that I was talking about in my last post? The one that looks like wrapped gifts? I made a boo boo and removed it without taking a pic of it in my camera. =( WHOMP.

But I did manage to take a pic of it on my Blackberry so here is the blurry goodness.

Base coat was Orly Bonder and Top coat was Seche Vite.
Base colour was Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue It and stamping colour was Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Rave Review Critique.
Image plate used was m64.

Blue It was such a PITA to remove. It stained like a mother!!

Here are the loser shots of me and Puppy with our "holiday manis"

We couldn't stop laughing while taking the pictures! =D

So yesterday I decided to stop by the Winners by my house and see what I can add to my Christmas kit for Chel a.k.a. Puppy. I found some great things to add! LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

Color Club sets! I couldn't believe my eyes! I picked up 2 Wild at Heart sets, one for me and one for my Puppy. 

The Wild Heart set includes
Love 'Em/ Leave 'Em (beige-y holo)
Wild and Willing (multi-chromatic pearly shimmer)
On the Wild Side (Gunmetal frost)
Rule Breaker (Teal shimmer)
Wild at Heart (Purple holo)
With Abandon (Black/dark brown base with bronze/gold shimmers)

I can't wait to try out Wild at Heart but I have to wait until after my next Konadicure that I've got planned. I'm going to be using China Glaze Lubu Heels, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Red Carpet and Celeb City and image plate m64. 

My nails are au naturale for today...just some Sally Hansen Triple Strong on it. But wait til tomorrow cuz I'm gonna get my Konad on!

Konad date and Mini-haul

So this past Thursday I had to gone to my Puppy's house for our Konad date. We ate taquitos and potato wedges while watching Criminal Minds before doing our nails. We ended up doing manis that felt like holiday manis! Hers looked like a Christmas tree and mine looked like wrapped gifts so we took pictures of our nails together like losers. LOL!

Today, we had gone to Sally's to look for the China Glaze holiday 2010 nps but to no avail as it was sold out with no hope of restocking. I was thoroughly disappointed, but with a sale like buy 2 get 1 free, I just couldn't pass it up. So I picked up For Audrey, Lubu Heels and Long Kiss. I'm so excited to change my mani sometime either on Tuesday or Wednesday! Saw that there was this thing called a "Lubu Mani" but methinks my nails are too short for it. I'm planning Lubu Heels with Long Kiss as an accent nail. If I can't do the "Lubu Mani" China Glaze style, I'll do it my own way!

Pics of current konadicure and next manicure will be posted soon!!

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