Nfu Oh 64

Hello everyone! I know I know I've been so awful about updating! I have found the danger that is Koreanovelas. My parents and I have been immersed in EVERYTHING shows, music, language etc.

Anyhoo...I've been called back to Holo city and I came back with...Nfu Oh 64! 64 is a mauve-y lilac linear holo that is totally in your face!!

Pics taken in direct sunlight or low sunlight.

These pics were taken right beside my window in direct sunlight.

These pics were taken outside in low sunlight. But you can still see the holo-y goodness!

I used the Aqua Base Coat (which is SUCH a time and polish saver). Then I did the sandwich method: one coat of 64, top coat, another coat of 64 then top coat.

I know they say using a top coat dulls the holo a bit but hey if it extends the life of my mani...why not?'s still holo enough for me!

I've also ordered Nfu Oh 65 which is a light blue linear holo and as soon as I get it, I'll swatch it for you guys.

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