Haul part 2 and good news!

Gah! So much for putting up part 2 of the haul soon!! I'm so sorry it took me so long to do so!

14 MAC pigment samples that we ordered from The Beauty Sampler! Awesome choices of different pigments varying from around $2.50 to $3.00 for a 1/4 teaspoon and shipping was only $2.50! The good thing too is that you can choose the amount that you're getting! From 1/4 to 1/2 to 3/4 to full teaspoon.

From top left going clockwise:
Mauvement, Heritage Rouge, Old Gold, Vanilla

From top left going clockwise:
Revved Up, Vintage Gold, Mega Rich, Gold Stroke

From top left going clockwise:
Pink Bronze, Golden Olive, Gold Mode, Revved Up, Blue Brown, Pink Pearl

3 out of the 14 pigments were mine: Revved Up, Pink Pearl and Mauvement.

This is a shot of all of the pigments I`ve collected so far. The stack on top are my Bella Pierre shimmer pigments and the rest are my MAC pigments.

On a happy note...I just recently got engaged!!! Hence me not posting this haul right away plus the lack of swatches! I'm super excited but I'm gonna have to put a hold on my spending so I can save up for the wedding!


Hello everyone! I'm back with a haul that I had just received yesterday. This is gonna be pic heavy...you have been warned!

Back story...I've been getting into MAC pigments recently and I've accumulated a few. So my friend jumped on the bandwagon with me and asked if she could also order some pigments whenever I make an order. So we combined and she got 11 pigments and I only ended up getting 3. ^_^' However, I had also made an order to Sigma and they arrived at the same time. The Sigma order took about 1 wk and a couple of days and the pigments took exactly a week to arrive.

First up is my haul from Sigma!

How my Sigma products were packaged.

I ordered the E45 and the F80 and got a free E35!

E45 - small tapered blending brush

Please forgive the random hair...I shed like crazy. :(

F80 - flat top kabuki with Synthetic Sigmax HD filament

They changed the lettering on the brushes! They're holographic now as opposed to plain white.

Both brushes together

I also ordered a brush roll for $20. The material feels like soft leather....gorgeous!!!!

Yay I finally have my very own brush roll!


Back (has a magnetic closure)

You can purchase these items at Sigma Beauty.

Part II of the haul coming soon!

Sigma eyes kit review

Hello everyone!! I've decided to post up a review of eyeshadow brushes that I got from Sigma. I purchased the Sigma Eyes kit 2 months ago and I've been using them everyday since then! The kit consists of 7 brushes and I have used them all.

From left to right: small angle, medium angled shading, large shader, pencil, tapered blending, eye shading, eyeliner

These are the descriptions of the brushes from the Sigma website.

Small Angle - E65 - Essential for the application of gel or cream eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line. This brush is also excellent for filling out the eyebrows. Synthetic bristles. 

Medium Angled Shading - E70 - Angled, tapered, flat top. Ideal to apply highlight shades underneath the eyebrow and on the inner corners. It can also be used for a precise application of darker shades on the crease area. Natural bristles.

Large Shader - E60 - Flat shape is ideal for application of cream formulas and eye shadow primers. It also works great with loose eye shadows or pigments. Can be used to apply color all over the lid or precisely on the lash line. Natural bristles. 
Pencil - E30 - Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, and upper and lower lash line. Also ideal to smudge out pencil liner. Natural bristles.

Tapered Blending - E40 - Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Natural bristles. 

Eye Shading - E55 - Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. Ideal to build intense color on the eyelid. Natural bristles.

Eyeliner - E05 - An extra-fine tipped synthetic fiber brush that delivers a precise, firm, even stroke to line the eyes. 

These brushes have been so useful to me ever since I got them. I've tried other brushes before, especially cheaper ones that I could get from drug stores or Walmart. I've never tried MAC brushes before but I've heard that these Sigma ones are comparable!

When I received these brushes, they were wrapped individually and put in a nice red drawstring pouch. There was also a very nice surprise! I got a free blending brush (E35) because my order was over a certain amount. I initially took a picture of my kit with my phone but I guess I deleted the picture. *face palm*

Since then, I've also ordered more brushes. I recently ordered the small tapered blending brush (E45) and also the flat top kabuki (F80). I also threw in a brush roll to hold my growing brush collection! 

All in all I am very excited about my purchases. I will be back to review the other two brushes I've ordered!

If you are interested in ordering brushes, make up palettes, brush rolls etc, please click on this link and look around!  There is also a link on the right to the Sigma website!


Wow I haven't been here in so long I had to re-train myself on how to use blogger!!! *face palm* A very big I'm sorry to my followers for neglecting this blog!

I haven't really been doing my nails as much as I should. I've still been painting my nails but haven't done any designs or stamping. :(

I've recently gotten back into make-up especially since I've gotten a 88 eyeshadow palette for my birthday. I've also started ordering make-up brushes to supplement my rediscovered love for make-up. My fave brushes are from Sigma. I find that they are of very good quality, price is very affordable, shipping is pretty fast!

I've joined their affiliate program and we'll see how things go!

I will still use this blog to post up some pics of my nails if I do end up doing them. If not my nails, I will share some reviews of other beauty products that I've recently encountered!

Click on the link to start ordering from Sigma! http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=131747

Black and White tips!

I finally got my Bundle Monster plates and lemme tell you...no regrets!!! I super love the designs that they have and they work just as well as the Konad plates!

So I decided to stray away from colour and do a little bit of black and white and here's what I came up with.

Left hand

Right hand

Both pictures taken in natural light without flash. I used Sally Hansen Insta Dry in Whirlwind White for the white tips and Wet n Wild Black Creme for stamping. The image came from BM plate 220.

I sponged the white tips on first then put a layer of Insta Dry top coat (absolute fave right now!) Then I stamped with Black Creme and voila! Black and white tips!

This one's a beauty!

And I'm talking about Milani 3D Holographic in Hi-Res. It's a pretty lavender with shimmery flecks and scattered holo particles. 

Gorgeous isn't it? And that's taken without flash in low lighting.

Another blurry shot. Look at all that goodness. You can even see some holo there! 

Now time to release the bling...flash shots! 

Hi-Res is one of those polishes that you HAVE to see for yourself in order to really appreciate its beauty. Some scattered holos sometimes look boring unless the light hits it just right. This polish on the other hand looks gorgeous under ANY light. I scoured Sears for this and picked up two other beauties in the process, Hi-Tech and Digital. I'm excited to wear the other two!

It's spring!!! Break out the pastels!

Wow, two posts in a row!??! *gasp* Yes yes, 'tis true! I have 2 days off in a row so I'm gonna make the most of it!
So I mentioned before about my mom buying me a China Glaze Pastel Kit from Winners. Here it is!

From top to bottom, left to right: 
Something Sweet - pastel pink
Light as Air - pastel lavender
Re-Fresh Mint - pastel green
Peachy Keen - pastel peach
Lemon Fizz - pastel yellow
Bahamian Escape - pastel blue

All of them except for Bahamian Escape are from the Up & Away Pastels from the Spring 2010 collection. Bahamian Escape is from the Bahama Blues Collection from Winter 2008.

I've only tried Peachy Keen so far and application is ok. It's a pastel so I didn't have high hopes lol. I'm excited to try all the other ones!

Coming back with a bang!

Hello everyone!! Here I am again...I've got a day off so time to update and show this blog some lovin'!!  

Here's my current mani, Nubar Reclaim and Nfu Oh 66! The first 3 pictures are taken in full sun. 2 coats of Nubar Reclaim is on my thumb, index, middle and pinky. 2 coats of Nfu Oh 66 on my ring finger. I used the Nfu Oh Aqua base coat.

Picture taken in the shade. You can still somewhat see the holo in the Nfu Oh 66.

I super love this mani! Nubar Reclaim as always applies like a DREAM! Doesn't matter what base coat you use. As for the Nfu Oh 66, I used the Aqua Base Coat so I literally only needed 2 coats. I never tried the Nfu Oh holos without the Aqua base coat so I don't know how it is personally with just a normal base coat. Apparently, it causes a lot of dragging and bald spots.

Remember me? and a lot of talking.

Hello everyone! I want to apologize for being so MIA. Life is just bombarding me right now and I've sorely neglected this blog and taking pictures of my manis. =(

A lot of things have happened though since I last updated. I FINALLY FOUND BLACK SHATTER!!! I know I know I'm so late in jumping on the bandwagon. I found it in Winners, for $7.99 CAD! I also found a China Glaze pastels mini set which contained Light As Air, Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, Something Sweet, Re-Fresh Mint and Bahamian Escape. My mommy was so nice as to get me the Shatter and the pastel set so still have not broken the no-buy rule!! =)

I think I mentioned before that I ordered Nfu Oh 62 and 66 plus the Aqua Base. I finally got them yesterday!!!!! I literally ripped that box apart LOL. I'm now rocking 62 and daaaaaaaaaaaaang it does not disappoint! Pictures to come soon, the sun hates us right now and doesn't wanna show its face. 

I also wanted to say welcome to my new followers! I'm sorry that there hasn't been much from me these past couple of weeks.

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to Mary from Swatch and Learn for sending me an unexpected e-mail asking me if I was ok because I haven't updated or commented in so long. That really made my day Mary, thank you for doing that. I miss you and Fiona, I promise that I will get back into the swing of things soon.

Bringing back the 80's and 90's with Lisa Frank nails!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've been MIA. The last weekend and this past week have been nuts!! But now I've got some downtime which is nice. ^_^

The inspiration for this mani was from Mary from Swatch and Learn who did a Holographic Rainbow Leopard mani. But since I only really had two of the holos that she used, I had to improvise for the other two colours.

I'm sorry for the jacked up pics, they were taken JUST NOW lol and I did mani this last Friday! So not bad for 6 days wear!

For the colours I used Color Club Wild at Heart near the base of the nail, then Nubar Reclaim, then China Glaze Ahoy and finally at the tips, China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea. I was originally gonna use DS Extravagance and DS Magic but the black spots didn't show up that well. I used the leopard print from Konad image plate m57 and used Wet n Wild Black Creme for stamping.

I got so many compliments while rocking this mani and I just want to thank Mary for reminding me that I had wanted to try this a while back! Thank you also to Sayanythingbr00ke who posted up the tutorial on Youtube! 

Do You Think I'm Tex-y holo-fied!!!

Hello beauty bloggers and all others! 

Around 2 weeks ago I ordered Nfu Oh #62 and #66 holos off Fabuloustreet. I'm so psyched to get them and try them out!!!!

So in the meantime, I've had to quench my thirst for holos in another way. I made my own! Well, sorta...not quite frankening, more like layering. ^_~

Supplies used! L-R: Orly Bonder, Do You Think I'm Tex-y, Margarita, Wireless, Insta-Dry Topcoat

Base colour is 3 coats OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y from the OPI Texas Collection. This is my very first and only (for now) sorbet shade! Then 2 coats of Bobbie Margarita, then 2 coats of China Glaze Wireless. So many coats!!! LoL! All pictures were taken in sunlight, no flash.

Blurry shot to show off holo-ness!

Sorry for the dry hands/cuticles etc. *sigh* It's a chronic disease. -_- Oh and I've jumped on the Disqus bandwagon...it's so much easier to reply to the comments!

Even more free Hello Kitty plates from Born Pretty!

If you guys missed the 2 chances to order the free Hello Kitty plates from Born Pretty, here's another one!! 

There will be another chance on April 11 and the quantity will be determined by how many "likes" they get on their Facebook page.

Here are the details for the free plate.

You're a Tree Hugger? I'm Sew Psyched!!

Lame attempt at naming this mani but that's the best my poor brain can come up with after work LOL!

I've been wanting to do this for a while now, and I finally got to do it. The colours I used were Essie Sew Psyched and China Glaze Tree Hugger.

I did a half-moon mani using those page protector sticker things that you can get from Walmart. I painted one coat of Sew Psyched then waited for it to dry. Then I stuck half the page protector stickers on the base of my nail and painted one coat of Tree Hugger on top. Then I peeled off the sticker and voila! Half-moon done GOING GREEN style! Then just for fun, I painted a line using Color Club Silver Holo striper.

Taken outside, no flash. Look no more snow on the ground! 

Taken indoors, with flash.

Taken in full sun. Ignore that black dot, I don't know what's wrong with my camera. =( It won't go away...it's probably somewhere inside.

Crop shot of blurry glittery holo goodness.

When I first thought up this mani, I wasn't sure how many coats of Tree Hugger I would need to cover up Sew Psyched. Turns out all I needed was 1. How awesome is that? It's such a gorgeous green apple with pretty shimmer, perfect for spring. Sew Psyched is a greeny-grey colour, perfect for fall, but by the time I got this polish, winter was almost done. So I'll just use it now. =)

Let's compare!

So Fiona from Swatch and Learn had posted up swatches of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue It. Seeing the swatches reminded me of OPI DS Magic and then of course I wanted to see how they compared.

Yay, my first comparison post! All shots were taken beside a window, no flash.

Bottle shots! Blue It on the left, DS Magic on the right. Right away you can tell the difference. DS Magic has so much more....magic going on in the bottle. There's blue and then purple and then you're just lost in the mix.

But of course the "magic" doesn't really translate that well onto the nail. Don't get me wrong...it's still purdy but I wouldn't mind seeing the purple outside of the bottlel!

DS Magic on the left, Blue It on the right. Magic needed 3 coats to be fully opaque, Blue It needed 2.

So while I was doing comparisons, I remembered I had wanted to do this one as well! Dupe alert?

Wet n Wild FastDry in SaGreena the Teenage Witch on the left, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Emerald City on the right. They look fairly similar right?

Well that's pretty much where the similarities ended. StTW looked like that with 2 coats and Emerald City looked like that with 2 coats. See the difference? StTW is so sheer, I couldn't stand it! Emerald City just applied way better.

Here's a shot indoors with natural light, no flash. 
L-R: Blue It, DS Magic, Emerald City, SaGreena the Teenage Witch.

So here ya go Fiona, this one's for you! :)

Lively Lilac Bandanicure!

Hello everyone!! Long time no post. Hope everyone's doing ok. We've had some weird weather here, spring-like temperatures one time then next thing you know, we're having a snowball fight! I wish nature would make up its mind. 

Anyhoooo, I've realized that I don't have a lavender/lilac polish and all of a sudden, I really wanted it! So off I go to Walmart and I picked up Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Lively Lilac! It's exactly the shade I was looking for! =) It's a pastel lilac with a tiny hint of shimmer.

Didn't get a swatch of it on its own, but here it is Konadicured with Wet n Wild White Creme and image plate m64 with the image my BF has dubbed "Bandana".
Pic taken indoors with natural light. If you enlarge the pic, you can see the shimmer in the bottle! In real life, the lilac is a bit brighter. It looks slightly dusty in the pic, IMHO.

Here's a pic of me holding my phone. Yesterday I matched everything, purple scrubs, purple nails, purple phone! Lol!

Application was very nice, 2 coats was more than enough. Dry time was pretty fast, I'm not gonna lie. Actually, the Insta-Dry topcoat is becoming a fast fave of mine. I find myself reaching for it now instead of my Seche Vite. *gasp* I know right? It dries pretty fast as well! Plus it's Big 3 free, so I've got my replacement for SV! 

Secret Periwinkle and Hidden Treasure [Picture Heavy!]

Another update?!? Yeah I know I know but I won't have time any other day this week so I'm getting it all out of my system now. 

Here is Secret Per-wink-le and Hidden Treasure. Well I'm sure not keeping this a secret nor am I keeping it hidden!! I super love this combo!!! Thanks Chel for helping me make up my mind about which base colour to use! I used China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le as a base colour. Here are swatches, 2 coats with no top coat. The first coat was a little goopy but that wasn't something a second coat couldn't fix!

Both taken in the sun. You can still see the snow on the ground! LOL!

This was taken indoors with flash.

I love this colour. It took me so long to purchase it because I thought it would look horrible on me. But I quite like it! =) Thanks BF for making me buy it!

So thanks to Ivana's post where she used Hidden Treasure over OPI Funky Dunkey, I was so inspired to bust out my own Hidden Treasure again. This was 2 coats of HT. In certain lights, the flakes look baby pink. So pretty!

Picture taken indoors, no flash.

Picture taken outdoors in the shade.

Picture taken indoors, no flash.

Pictures taken indoors, no flash. I was on my laptop when I noticed my nails looked radioactive. So I had to take pics. LOL!

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