Hello everyone! I'm back with a haul that I had just received yesterday. This is gonna be pic heavy...you have been warned!

Back story...I've been getting into MAC pigments recently and I've accumulated a few. So my friend jumped on the bandwagon with me and asked if she could also order some pigments whenever I make an order. So we combined and she got 11 pigments and I only ended up getting 3. ^_^' However, I had also made an order to Sigma and they arrived at the same time. The Sigma order took about 1 wk and a couple of days and the pigments took exactly a week to arrive.

First up is my haul from Sigma!

How my Sigma products were packaged.

I ordered the E45 and the F80 and got a free E35!

E45 - small tapered blending brush

Please forgive the random hair...I shed like crazy. :(

F80 - flat top kabuki with Synthetic Sigmax HD filament

They changed the lettering on the brushes! They're holographic now as opposed to plain white.

Both brushes together

I also ordered a brush roll for $20. The material feels like soft leather....gorgeous!!!!

Yay I finally have my very own brush roll!


Back (has a magnetic closure)

You can purchase these items at Sigma Beauty.

Part II of the haul coming soon!


Swatch And Learn said...
October 22, 2011 at 3:21 PM

I haven't ordered from Sigma in a while, but from your photos, I really like the new holographic lettering on the handles. Makes them look more special. :)

And that little travel brush you got as a freebie is actually one of my favourite blending brushes. :)

KeeKalena said...
October 22, 2011 at 3:29 PM

Yes I agree!! I was very happy when I saw the new lettering!! I have two E35s now and I don't want to use them just because I want to keep them white. Silly I know hahahaha!

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