Nfu Oh 64

Hello everyone! I know I know I've been so awful about updating! I have found the danger that is Koreanovelas. My parents and I have been immersed in EVERYTHING shows, music, language etc.

Anyhoo...I've been called back to Holo city and I came back with...Nfu Oh 64! 64 is a mauve-y lilac linear holo that is totally in your face!!

Pics taken in direct sunlight or low sunlight.

These pics were taken right beside my window in direct sunlight.

These pics were taken outside in low sunlight. But you can still see the holo-y goodness!

I used the Aqua Base Coat (which is SUCH a time and polish saver). Then I did the sandwich method: one coat of 64, top coat, another coat of 64 then top coat.

I know they say using a top coat dulls the holo a bit but hey if it extends the life of my mani...why not?'s still holo enough for me!

I've also ordered Nfu Oh 65 which is a light blue linear holo and as soon as I get it, I'll swatch it for you guys.

I need a Clairvoyant to find the Secret Peri-wink-le!

Hello beauty lovers!! Happy Easter Monday to you all! I'm off today, so it's time for another update!!

I was able to pre-order The Super powers collection from Cult Nails when they released it in November of last year. I originally just ordered it for Clairvoyant because I missed out on the Unicorn Puke craze but now I'm so glad I ordered all of them.

Anyways, with that intro, I present my current nails du jour...Secret Peri-wink-le and Clairvoyant! Mind you, I painted my nails last night and I THOUGHT I cleaned up pretty well. Then in comes the macro shots. *facepalm*

I did 2 coats of SP and 3 coats of  Clairvoyant over 1 coat of SP on my ring finger.

Bottle shot in the sun! This polish is just too awesome for words! I think every coloured flakie that ever existed has chosen to reside in this bottle and is now in suspension in the purple jelly base.

Warning: Macro shots ahead. Not only will the polish make your head spin, but the state of my cuticles will too! I'm working on it, I promise! I just bought the ProFX  Apricot Cuticle Oil from Walmart and I'm really liking it!

Obligatory bottle shots!

Here's another post about Secret Peri-wink-le  and another flakie polish, the HTF Hidden Treasure! 

Have a happy Monday everyone and here's to a great week!

Glitter bomb!

Wow 2nd day posting in a row!! It MUST be the sunshine! ^_^ Although it's back to minus temperatures over here (BOO) but the sun is still shining bright!

So I was wandering around Walmart (bad idea, I know!) when I casually wandered over to the cosmetics area and casually glanced around the nail polishes to see what's new out there. Not that I was planning on buying anything, of course, I was just browsing.

When lo and behold...I see glitter in all different colours and I was instantly drawn to the display!

"Sally Hansen Gem Crush" I read on the bottle. Well...don't they look mighty purty??

So I grab one that appealed to me the most because goodness knows I wanted to buy all of them, and I picked up Be-jeweled.

Be-jeweled has dense purple glitter with larger peachy-orange glitter throughout. I liked how the wide brush applied for me, I haven't tried the thinner brush but I think I might have a tougher time with it.

Well, enough talking...let's see some pics!

In full sunlight! 

Shot in the shade.

And yet another gratuitous hand shot! ^_~

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! 3 coats to full opacity for me. I also used Sally Hansen Insta-dry AND Seche Vite for top coats to smooth things out. Not too bad in terms of grittiness but enough to annoy me. Oh, and drying time was great! Pretty fast I would say.

The bottles have two different types of brushes and it it determined by the shape of the cap. If the cap is fat and rounded like mine, then the brush is wider. If the cap is curved in like this ) (, then the brush is thinner.

Definitely pick this one up when you see it. I am also wanting Lady Luck which has magenta glitter.

Hello holo!

Hello all!!! I'm sorry I've been so MIA all these months!! Wedding planning has been bananas!

I've been feeling so happy lately with all the sunshine that we've been experiencing! What an awesome March  it's been! So in honour of awesome sunshine...I busted out the holo!! 

Here's Nfu Oh 62...I know that it's considered as the "dud"or the boring one of the bunch. Here is a shot in the shade.

So boring, right??

Let's see the "dud" in its full sunshiney glory! 

BAM! Holo greatness!

 Front of the bottle

Back of the bottle

Gratuitous hand shot!^_~

I did the "sandwich" method for this mani. 1 coat of Nfu Oh Aqua Base (which is amazeballs for these holos), 2 coats of 62, 1 coat of Seche Vite, then another coat of 62 to tops things off. My nails are freakishly good at holding on to a mani, but this method seems to work for me. I didn't even really need the last coat of 62, I just wanted to do it. Hee hee!

My cuticles are in an inexcusable state. So if you can find it in your hearts to forgive me...that would be great. =D

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