I need a Clairvoyant to find the Secret Peri-wink-le!

Hello beauty lovers!! Happy Easter Monday to you all! I'm off today, so it's time for another update!!

I was able to pre-order The Super powers collection from Cult Nails when they released it in November of last year. I originally just ordered it for Clairvoyant because I missed out on the Unicorn Puke craze but now I'm so glad I ordered all of them.

Anyways, with that intro, I present my current nails du jour...Secret Peri-wink-le and Clairvoyant! Mind you, I painted my nails last night and I THOUGHT I cleaned up pretty well. Then in comes the macro shots. *facepalm*

I did 2 coats of SP and 3 coats of  Clairvoyant over 1 coat of SP on my ring finger.

Bottle shot in the sun! This polish is just too awesome for words! I think every coloured flakie that ever existed has chosen to reside in this bottle and is now in suspension in the purple jelly base.

Warning: Macro shots ahead. Not only will the polish make your head spin, but the state of my cuticles will too! I'm working on it, I promise! I just bought the ProFX  Apricot Cuticle Oil from Walmart and I'm really liking it!

Obligatory bottle shots!

Here's another post about Secret Peri-wink-le  and another flakie polish, the HTF Hidden Treasure! 

Have a happy Monday everyone and here's to a great week!


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