Glitter bomb!

Wow 2nd day posting in a row!! It MUST be the sunshine! ^_^ Although it's back to minus temperatures over here (BOO) but the sun is still shining bright!

So I was wandering around Walmart (bad idea, I know!) when I casually wandered over to the cosmetics area and casually glanced around the nail polishes to see what's new out there. Not that I was planning on buying anything, of course, I was just browsing.

When lo and behold...I see glitter in all different colours and I was instantly drawn to the display!

"Sally Hansen Gem Crush" I read on the bottle. Well...don't they look mighty purty??

So I grab one that appealed to me the most because goodness knows I wanted to buy all of them, and I picked up Be-jeweled.

Be-jeweled has dense purple glitter with larger peachy-orange glitter throughout. I liked how the wide brush applied for me, I haven't tried the thinner brush but I think I might have a tougher time with it.

Well, enough talking...let's see some pics!

In full sunlight! 

Shot in the shade.

And yet another gratuitous hand shot! ^_~

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! 3 coats to full opacity for me. I also used Sally Hansen Insta-dry AND Seche Vite for top coats to smooth things out. Not too bad in terms of grittiness but enough to annoy me. Oh, and drying time was great! Pretty fast I would say.

The bottles have two different types of brushes and it it determined by the shape of the cap. If the cap is fat and rounded like mine, then the brush is wider. If the cap is curved in like this ) (, then the brush is thinner.

Definitely pick this one up when you see it. I am also wanting Lady Luck which has magenta glitter.


Mary said...
April 4, 2012 at 9:08 PM


It's been a very long time, and I was thinking about you the other day. So I decided to stop by your blog to see what was new.

This polish looks gorgeous on you - rock it! Hehe, and I like your ring, too! :D

Hope you've been doing really well these days!

KeeKalena said...
April 5, 2012 at 2:36 PM

Hi Mary!! 

Yes it has definitely been a very long time!! Thanks for remembering me! =)

Thank you, thank you!

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