Lively Lilac Bandanicure!

Hello everyone!! Long time no post. Hope everyone's doing ok. We've had some weird weather here, spring-like temperatures one time then next thing you know, we're having a snowball fight! I wish nature would make up its mind. 

Anyhoooo, I've realized that I don't have a lavender/lilac polish and all of a sudden, I really wanted it! So off I go to Walmart and I picked up Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Lively Lilac! It's exactly the shade I was looking for! =) It's a pastel lilac with a tiny hint of shimmer.

Didn't get a swatch of it on its own, but here it is Konadicured with Wet n Wild White Creme and image plate m64 with the image my BF has dubbed "Bandana".
Pic taken indoors with natural light. If you enlarge the pic, you can see the shimmer in the bottle! In real life, the lilac is a bit brighter. It looks slightly dusty in the pic, IMHO.

Here's a pic of me holding my phone. Yesterday I matched everything, purple scrubs, purple nails, purple phone! Lol!

Application was very nice, 2 coats was more than enough. Dry time was pretty fast, I'm not gonna lie. Actually, the Insta-Dry topcoat is becoming a fast fave of mine. I find myself reaching for it now instead of my Seche Vite. *gasp* I know right? It dries pretty fast as well! Plus it's Big 3 free, so I've got my replacement for SV! 


Swatch And Learn said...
April 18, 2011 at 12:57 PM

Your Konadicure's so pretty!

And interesting to know that the Insta-Dry topcoat is so good that it has replaced your Seche Vite. (Seche Vite is my favorite topcoat - not sure if I can cheat on it with another. But being big-3-free is a huge plus!)
- Mary

KeeKalena said...
April 22, 2011 at 4:48 PM

Thanks Mary! Yeah my Insta-dry is done like dinner...need a new bottle!!!

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