'Tis the season

I've been thinking and thinking and thinking of what I could possibly do to make my nails feel like Christmas. Red and green...red and green...BUT HOW?? Then it hit me!

I started off with Color Club in Rule Breaker. Very good for stamping tips! I used image plate m19 for the tips. Then I added flowers which I was hoping would pass for poinsettias! I used Maybelline Salon Expert in Cherry Sin and image plate m57.

Here's the finished product!! 

I tried to be artsy fartsy and take pictures with the poinsettia as the background. 

Now the only problem is keeping this until Christmas which is 9 days away. =| As you guys know I've never kept a Konadicure longer than 5-6 days, lately it's been a max of 4 days. This will be a feat for me...and my friends have already no faith in me. But I will try to prove them wrong! 

'Til the next Konadicure!


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