Je suis désolé Part 1

I'm sorry to the handful of people who read and follow my blog. I have been very neglectful and have not updated you all!! Since I've got so much to share, I've had to divide this into 2 parts!

I have 7 Konadicures to show you! 5 of the 7 belong to my friends who have wanted me to do a make-over on their nails. 6 of us nurses from work got together and had a sleepover and of course I brought my kit with me! I did 5 Konadicures in one night!! 

Here is a picture of the finished product! Ignore my poor nails on the right.

I was exhausted but happy that the girls liked their manis. :)

Now because of own Konadicure took a beating and did not last until Christmas day.  So I was inspired to do another Christmas mani!

I used China Glaze in Long Kiss as my base. Here is a swatch of it with flash. Such a gorgeous polish and the application is dreamy!

I had done a Christmas gift wrap inspired Konadicure using Color Club in Rule Breaker, Sally Hansen in Gilt-y Pleasure and Sally Hansen in Celeb City for the stamping on my index, middle and ring finger. All 3 are Stamp Champs!! That's what I call nail polishes that stamp very well, no re-doing the stamp because pieces of it didn't stick properly etc. :)

The bows on my thumb and ring finger were stamped with Color Club in Worth the Risque which was supposed to be holo but I really didn't see it. :( 

Sorry for the tip wear and such...this picture was taken right before I removed it.

Part Deux up next!


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