The Anatomy of a Steel Grey

Next mani please! I wanna erase the previous one from your memories LOL!

This one is a bit better...I actually really like how this turned out. Although, it looks way better in person because I just CANNOT capture the duochrome-ness of it.

Base colour is Rimmel London Steel Grey and then I taped off half my nail and painted on Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy. Can I just say how much I love Steel Grey? *sigh* I resisted buying it for so long but its siren call has lured me. It applies like a dream and I actually really like the big brush! Barely any clean-up for me. Gray's Anatomy is streaky and frosty but forgivable because the duochrome is AWESOME! Both pictures are taken in natural light.

I also took pictures of the bottle in hopes that I can capture the duochrome.

You can see a bit of the grey to purple to green.

More green.

That's all for now, beauty bloggers and readers!

'Til the next Konadi/manicure!


Tessa said...
March 1, 2011 at 8:30 AM

Looking good :D

New follower :) Maybe you can comment on my blog as well :)?

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