Catching up!

I gotta catch up to posting my Konad/manicures!!! I've got 3 for you right now, one is my official Valentine's Day mani, one freehand fail and one is the "I'm-tired-of-wearing-red-and-pink" mani.

DRY HANDS/CUTICLES ALERT!!! You have been warned!

First is my official V-day mani. Base colour is China Glaze Ahoy and I stamped using Rimmel London Pure Silver (#1 stamp champ!!!).

Taken with flash.This was 2 coats of Ahoy. I love love love this colour!! The shimmer is so pretty and application was great!! Even though pink is one of my fave colours, I only have like 4 bottles of pink nail polish. 

Whole hand taken with flash. This is pretty colour accurate. I used the images from plates m72 and m04.

After 5 manis of red/pink, I needed a break!! So I decided to do a little bit of freehand nail art using the Color Club Dark Romance Matte Collection and failed miserably. I only took a pic using my Blackberry cam so please excuse the blurriness. And lookie! I haz nubbinz!

Thumb to pinky: Dark Romance/Smoke and Mirrors, Dark Romance, Dark Romance/Alabaster, Smoke and Mirrors, Dark Romance/Alabaster.

So after wearing it overnight, I quickly took it off and replaced it with this.

Ok so, no excuse for the blurriness of this picture since I was using my digi cam. =( This is one coat of Color Club Dark Romance, one coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and Color Club Matte Topcoat. 

Next I've got a hankering to do China Glaze Jolly Holly and layer it with White Cap! And maybe do it matte again? ^_~

'Til the next Konadicure!


Beej said...
February 19, 2011 at 1:25 AM

My fave is the last one!! Gorgeous, green with gold flakies and then matt-ified. I'll definitely have to do something like this in the near future :)

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