Returning the favour

So in my last post I posted my haul from my friend from the Philippines. Since taking those pictures she has added 3 more bottles, Margarita, Vodka Ice (which she'll buy tomorrow) and another bottle of Weng-weng! I'm super excited! I will definitely post up pics when I get my 20 bottles. Super duper excited for my haul!

Since it was her birthday 3 days ago, I've decided to also return the favour and buy her China Glaze polishes from here! I will get her Jitterbug, Swing Baby, Mistletoe Kisses, Ruby Pumps, Bogie and White Cap. I'm also gonna get Ahoy for my fave actress there, Kim Chiu, who I miss very much! Haven't seen her since January last yr!! And I probably won't see her again until next year when I go home. She loves pinks so she'll definitely love Ahoy! Won't be able to send them out though until April cuz that's when someone is going back to the Philippines from here. 

Yesterday at Walmart I decided to pick up Hard as Hoof nail strengthening cream and Onyx 100% Pure Acetone so it will be easier for me to clean up around my nails. The HaH cream smells sooo good...cherry almond scent! I can't wait to see how it works, although my nails are pretty hard as it is so I don't know if I'll see a difference. I was THISCLOSE to buying Revlon Not So Blueberry scented nail polish but Chel talked me out of it by reminding me that I will be getting 20 bottles of nail polish in less than 2 weeks! Thanks Puppy!! =)


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