More shopping and future hauls!

I went out with 3 of my co-workers yesterday for sushi and after we stuffed our faces, I had brought up the nail place that was pretty close to the restaurant. So of course the girls were all up for it, but then I remembered they were closed on Fridays. BOO. Now 2 of them are jonesing to buy nail polish.

So I'm gonna meet up with one of them today and we're gonna stop by so I can show her the craziness. I just hope I don't turn her into a monster like me!

I've got a new Konadicure on pictures as of yet...I'll leave that for another post. I used China Glaze Exotic Cranberry for a base colour and I stamped the rose design with Sally Hansen Chrome Pens in Pink chrome. When deciding what colours and design to use, it didn't occur to me how girly it was gonna turn out. Well it's super girly and super Valentine's Days-y. So I'm a little ahead of the game...seeing as it's not even February yet! =P

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I requested for me and my boyfriend to go up to Buffalo, NY and go shopping! I proposed that I will pay for our food for the day, and he buys me whatever I want!! He agreed so I'm making a list for when I go to Ulta (for the 1st time ever!). I'm super excited. I'm gonna pick up nail polishes that we don't have here in Canada ie: Barielle, Essence etc.

I'll be posting up pics of my KOTW soon. =) 'Til then!


Danielle said...
February 1, 2011 at 1:27 PM

I'm heading to buffalo for shopping too! Last year we went the Valentines day weekend, but this year we are going on the Friday before the long weekend, it's presidents day there, they usually have some good deals :)

Let me know where your scored big so I know where to go ;)

Kee said...
February 1, 2011 at 4:28 PM

Yeah I'll definitely be blogging about my hauls!! I'll let you know where I went. Planning on going to Ulta for sure!

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