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Hello beauty bloggers!! Hope everyone's doing well. Just wanted to say a quick hello to my new readers! Thanks for following!

I've got two Konadicures that I wanted to show you. I used Orly Bonder as a base coat and Seche Vite as a top coat for both.

1st is a base colour of OPI DS Magic. Instead of stamping though, I took a cosmetic wedge and applied a diagonal french tip using Color Club Worth the Risque.

This was taken with flash to show the pretty shimmer. It's blue with some pretty purple shimmer that's very obvious in the bottle but you gotta look closely to see it on the nail. No problems with application, cleanup and removal was a PITA though.

Taken without flash in natural light. You can't even see the holo-ness of Worth the Risque but it's there!!

2nd Konadicure is with China Glaze Jolly Holly and Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pens in Green Chrome. The image was from plate m65. I got the awesome idea from Erika, from her Stamping with Sally post. Thank you!

This photo was taken in natural light. I am so in love with Jolly Holly!! I was initially gonna stamp all my nails but then when I saw how gorgeous the colour was, I dwindled down to one nail. The Sally Hansen Chrome pens are awesome for stamping!! You just have to be careful that the brush doesn't get dry otherwise you're gonna have a hard time with it. 

'Til the next Konadicure!!


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