Asian beauty products kick

I've been on an Asian beauty products kick for some time now. Chel had been my personal shopper and has found us great deals for Etude House products.

I ordered the Etude House BB Magic Cream (Purple) in Refreshing for Oily Skin.

I love it!! It does leave my skin looking a tad lighter than it really is but I just put on my mineral loose powder foundation over it and it fixes the problem. My skin looks poreless! It`s not a real foundation that covers up everything but kinda like a tinted moisturizer/primer. It doesn`t make my face seem oily and I don`t have to do any touch-ups during the day.

2nd one is Dr. Mascara Fixer in Natural Lash. The e-bay seller screwed up our order and sent me Natural Lash instead of Perfect Lash which was what I wanted. But good thing Chel`s aunt is sending her Perfect Lash so I`m getting both! The Natural Lash has been really good to me. It has kept my eyelashes curled all day! I can`t wait to see what Perfect Lash will be like!

My co-worker who`s from Japan told me about this Shiseido cleansing kit that she got as a gift while she was in Japan and she didn`t want it. So she offered it to me and of course I said YES!!! It was a kit from the Shiseido Aqualabel White. I wish it was available in the Philippines so I can ask my family to send it to me. They only have it in China, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

I have the White Clear Foam, White Up Lotion, White Up Emulsion and White Up Cream in the kit. I used it for the first time last night and I LOVE IT!! I don`t know what I`m gonna do when I run out. =( The co-worker who gave it to me says her dad comes to visit twice a year so she could get me another kit when he comes!


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